Introducing the Photo Wall.

We’ve had the privilege of seeing and reading all of the tributes left in the past month. We wanted to find a new way to make it easy for everyone to find memorials. So many of you have requested it and now it’s finally available. You can now see all of the memorials and search based on name.

Photo Wall Introduction Logo

On the Photo Wall you can view the photos from all of the memorials left on Not Another Number. Click on a photo to visit the public memorial for that person and use the search bar to find a memorial by name.


Introducing Personal Pages.

Animated GIF of Personal Memorial Pages feature

With a Personal Page, you can customise your memorial as much as you like. Change the photo, text and colours to create a unique theme. This can be shared with friends and family via social media. Your Personal Page does not affect the public memorial.

Read all about how to use this new feature here:


Launch of Not Another Number

On 2nd May 2020, I lost my beloved Grandma, Sheila, to COVID-19. It shook my entire family. The virus took hold over a couple of days from no symptoms and happy jokey texts from Sheila to a sudden deterioration to the end. I watched the 5pm briefing that day, the numbers were read out revealing 620 people had also passed away. 620 other families, 620 other friendship groups devastated. I wanted Sheila to be remembered much more personally, I didn’t want her death to be just another number. None of these loved ones we’ve lost should just be numbers. 

I thought about the ways in which I could pay tribute to Sheila and what I could do to help my family grieve. After creating an online memorial for my Grandma, it occured to me that I could do this for everyone going through the same situation as me

Not Another Number Logo
Official Logo of Not Another Number CIC

I started work on Not Another Number – an online memorial platform for COVID-19 victims. Where anyone can add a memorial for the loved one they have lost. A memorial consists of a picture, name, year range and some personal text (a poem, funny story, a message of love, etc.). The website rotates through memorials every 10 seconds, this can be paused any time. Everyone who submits a memorial will get a link to their own.

I spent a lot of time searching for ways to pay tribute to my wonderful grandma but with the lockdown and a 10-minute time limit on funerals, it has been hard. I’m hoping this website will help others as it is helping me.